– Features a convenient cabinet design enabling single-person installation, disassembly, and maintenance.
– Versatile in application, suitable for curved walls, 90-degree corners, dance floors, and more.
– Utilizes Brompton systems for efficient organization and workflow management.

Dynamic Performance and Optimal Size:

Experience the power of the DB Star Processor, tailored for impactful visual presentations. Its robust dimensions of 1000×500 ensure your events are not just seen, but felt, creating unforgettable experiences.

Unmatched Reliability for Every Event:

From the unpredictable conditions of outdoor concerts to the precision required for film premieres and broadcast events, the DB Star stands out with its fully sealed, weatherproof design. Coupled with a dual power supply, it guarantees performance that’s not only reliable but also safe.

Effortless Setup and Versatility:

Ease of use is paramount with the DB Star. The processor features an intuitive 3-step locking system, simplifying both installation and dismantling. This seamless integration makes it the perfect choice for a variety of events, ensuring both time efficiency and operational excellence.



During the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), King Size LED supported Griffin with innovative LED displays, showcasing technology in a visually appealing way.


King Size LED provided vibrant and engaging LED displays for a Revlon event, enhancing the brand’s presentation.


At an Above & Beyond event, King Size LED’s technology created an immersive visual experience, aligning with the musical performance.