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King Size Studio offers a comprehensive suite of services for artists and creatives in San Diego. Whether you’re looking to record your latest song, hone your DJ skills, or produce a music video, our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team provide everything you need under one roof. Our studio is designed to inspire creativity, featuring the latest in recording and video technology, customizable spaces, and dedicated support to bring your vision to life.


Professional recording and mixing for pristine sound quality.


Video production services for visually stunning content.


deal DJ practice environment with industry-standard equipment.


Supportive, creative atmosphere to inspire and enhance your projects.

” We are a vendor that provides wedding services and hire king size led displays for a lot of our events what ever we need Eddie from king size makes it happen. Thanks guys and keep up the good work… “

Ruben R.


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In San Diego, King Size Studio is your ultimate creative partner, offering an unparalleled advantage in music and video production. Our state-of-the-art studio is equipped with the latest recording and video technologies, tailored to support artists in bringing their visions to life. With a focus on quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction, we provide a comprehensive suite of services for recording, DJ practice, and video production, setting your projects apart in the competitive creative landscape of San Diego.

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King Size Studio in San Diego offers a sanctuary for artists and creators seeking to elevate their music and video projects. Our studio sessions—spanning music production, DJ practice, and video production—are designed to unleash your creative potential. With state-of-the-art equipment, an inspiring environment, and expert support, we provide the perfect backdrop for innovation and artistic exploration. Discover how our tailored studio services can transform your creative ideas into reality.


Sharpen your DJ skills in a space designed for both beginners and professionals. Our studio provides the latest equipment, allowing you to practice mixes, scratches, and sets in an inspiring environment.


Bring your visual projects to life with our comprehensive video production services. From music videos to promotional content, our studio offers the tools and expertise to create visually stunning and engaging videos.


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Discover the esteemed roster of clients who trust us for their LED display needs, from iconic brands to major event organizers. Their success stories underscore our commitment to excellence and innovation in every project.


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