Since its establishment in 2009, King Size LED has been at the forefront of the LED video wall industry, particularly excelling in tradeshows and events:

– Industry Leadership: As industry leaders, we’ve been setting standards in the LED video wall sector for over a decade.

– Specialization: Our focus lies in providing exceptional visual solutions for tradeshows and events, ensuring each display is a spectacle in itself.

– Driven by Passion: At the core of King Size LED is a deep-rooted passion for production and technology, driving us to deliver only the best.

– Innovative Approach: We are committed to innovation, continually updating our technology and services to offer cutting-edge products.

– Tailor-Made Solutions: Understanding that each client has unique needs, we specialize in creating customized visual displays to match any specific requirement.

– Prestigious Clientele: Our track record includes successful collaborations with high-profile clients such as GoPro, Cadillac, West Coast Customs, and Legoland, showcasing our ability to handle projects of any scale.

– Commitment to Excellence: Every project at King Size LED is a testament to our unwavering commitment to excellence.

– Enhancing Events: With our expertise, your events are transformed into immersive experiences that leave lasting impressions.

To experience the transformative power of top-quality LED displays and to make your event stand out, contact King Size LED. Elevate your event experience with our expertise and dedication to excellence.



King Size LED provided cutting-edge LED displays for custom vehicle showcases, enhancing the visual appeal and brand experience at West Coast Customs events.


Collaborating with Legoland, King Size LED delivered vibrant and engaging LED solutions to enhance the theme park’s attractions and events.


At the L.A Fashion Show, King Size LED’s state-of-the-art video walls added a modern and dynamic backdrop, showcasing the latest fashion trends.